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Sumo Digital: We Don’t Decide When to Show a Game; Consumers Don’t Care About Development Length


Interviewed by GamesIndustry, Sumo Digital Managing Director Paul Porter talked about the studio's commitment to the creation of triple-A games for big publishers, which ultimately choose when to show their games to the public. He also went on to say that ultimately consumers don't care much about the development length of a game as long as that title turns out well.

At the end of the day, we're working on huge AAA games that will be shown to people when the publisher is ready, because it's not up to Sumo when we can show or demonstrate part of the game that's being made.

As always, it's quite difficult doing interviews because I'm happy to talk about what we're doing at Sumo, but so often we can't actually talk about a lot of the stuff we're doing and that is quite frustrating. But I respect that, because it's not within our remit to talk about those things because we're working in collaboration with a publisher that owns the IP. At the same time, we're really excited, knowing what's happening behind the scenes.

As a consumer, you don't care how long something's taken to make or what that journey was - you care that it's a good game, and the most important thing for me is we get to work on good games and put titles out that we're proud of, that we'd want to play ourselves.

Obviously, the main reference here is Crackdown 3, which Sumo Digital is making for Microsoft. The game is now due to launch on February 22nd, 2019 after several delays, and the no-show at E3 2018 only fueled speculation of its troubles.

Dead Island 2 Reportedly in a “Decent State,” Could Possibly Release This Year

It's not the only project that Sumo Digital is keeping under wraps, though. The studio headquartered in Sheffield, UK, is also working on Dead Island 2 for Deep Silver. Even though the announcement came quite some time ago, we still haven't seen anything of this sequel.