Street Fighter V – Producer Yoshinori Ono Teasing Big E3 Presence; Capcom to Have Other Surprises

With E3 2015 just around the corner, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono has begun teasing Street Fighter in a big way.

Ono teases a meeting in San Francisco between Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House and the CEO of PlayStation’s Japanese arm Atsushi Morita.

“Blanka meets Andrew House as SCEI CEO and Morita-san as SCEJA President at San Francisco.Blanka could talk about…;P”


Ono-san also teased a certain Street Fighter V event with cookies,

“Yeah!! Today, I got Street Fighter V’s Cookies! It is for something event… ;P”


Finally Ono continues stating that preparations for E3 2015 are “well underway.”

“The preparations are well under way for E3… :D”

Street Fighter V is going to have a huge presence at E3 2015, but Capcom will also be bringing a few other surprises as well.

According to listings of the official E3 website, Capcom will have the following genres available:


Action > PC/Windows
Action > Sony Playstation 4
Action > Xbox One
Adventure > PC/Windows
Adventure > Sony Playstation 4
Adventure > Xbox One
Fighting / Wrestling > Sony Playstation 4

A new Resident Evil could be revealed from Capcom

It's quite possible that Devil May Cry 4: Enhanced Edition will be making an appearance. The game is set for a June 18 release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC. A new Resident Evil title could be revealed, something that has been teased for some time now, or even a completely new title.

Due to Capcom's recent partnership with Sony, the Playstation 4 fighting game listed is without a doubt Street Fighter V. The latest iteration of the long running fighting franchise will be a console exclusive for Sony but will also be released for the PC.

The Adventure game is currently unknown so it could be anything. Deep Down probably will not be at the show, as it was stated that it's undergoing some big changes and will result in being very different with a larger vision.

We will bring you any news from Capcom, Street Fighter V and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.


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