Street Fighter V Balance Changes Will Happen At The End Of The Season, Producer Talks About Blanka’s Absence


With a few rounds of beta testing having been held in the past few months, there isn't a whole lot we don't know about Street Fighter V. February's issue of the magazine Edge includes a 12 page coverage of the upcoming fighting game and something very interesting has been revealed in it.

Like pretty much all fighting games, Street Fighter V is going to receive some balance changes, but these changes will only come at the end of the season. Fixes for glitches, on the other hand, will be coming as soon as possible. This is definitely good news, as too many balance changes in a short amount of time can hurt the experience.

Something new has also been revealed about the absence of one veteran fighter from Street Fighter V, one of producer Yoshinori Ono's favorite characters, Blanka. According to what Mr. Ono said to Edge, he wanted to get Blanka in Street Fighter V and he hasn't been told no, only that they should have other characters in the game.

Unlike what some expected, the Edge article didn't reveal anything about the game's modes. Apparently the team is holding their cards close to their chest after all the leaks. With the game launching in around one month, however, Capcom should start talking about the matter soon enough.

Yesterday some new Street Fighter V footage has surfaced online. The footage, taken from a bonus DVD included in the Japanese Street Fighter V eCapcom Special Edition, showcases some of the new characters like F.A.N.G. and Laura, veterans Ryu and Chun-Li and a few other characters.

Street Fighter V will be released next month in all regions on PlayStation 4 and PC. The game's beta version has been recently updated on both PlayStation 4 and PC so there's a chance that another round of beta testing might be held before release.

Thanks, Fernando Fernandez and Jon Bones