Stories: The Path of Destinies gets a Release Date

Mat Growcott

Sometimes you need an animal to outfox the opposition and end the war. At least, that's the feel I'm getting from Spearhead Games' action-RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies. The developers announced a release date today.

The game, which for those wondering about that introduction stars an anthropomorphic pirate fox, will be available on April 12th for PlayStation 4 and PC.


In fact, it's up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store at a 10 per cent discount.

The devs summed up the experience:

Reynardo has several ideas to stop the evil Emperor, but as an ex-pirate, let’s just say he’s always been a fan of trial and error over careful planning. While he does enjoy a good elaborate scheme, Reynardo simply has a tendency to, uh, mishandle things in one way or another. But with failure comes knowledge: learning who to trust, which weapons to choose, or when to make a move is essential in this war.

Using a mysterious tome, Reynardo can retrace his steps yet retain crucial information. In the style of classic choose-your-own-adventure books, Stories has players deduce the path that leads to victory as more knowledge is gained from less-than-successful storylines. Complete with hand-drawn illustrations and an unapologetically prodding narrator, Stories delivers a charming choice-based adventure that will subvert traditional fairytale tropes.

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