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Steam Used to Spread Communication App Malware


Communication in any team-based environment is absolute key to victory. Whether that's in the world of sports, the Military or even in multiplayer and competitive video games. It looks like some sneaky malware progenitors have noticed that and now are trying to spread a phony communication app through Steam.

Photo courtesy @malwarebytes

Steam malware is in full steam. Fake voice communication software, My Team Voxing, being spread via aggressive Steam messaging.

It's called My Team Voxing, but don't click on the link that you get in a Steam message, because the link goes to a phishing website that doesn't give you the communication software you were looking for.

Instead you'll be communicating to a command and control server with your user name and password after the fake executable program takes control and hijacks your Steam account. The developer even went so far as to list the publisher of the software as Steganos Software GmbH, a legitimate privacy software creator. If you're curious if the file you just downloaded is the one listed, the hash is located here.

In addition, the website itself is a complete copy of a legitimate site that has real communication software, My Team Voice. It's a bold move to purchase a legitimate sounding domain, one that makes perfect sense given the software within, and copying someones website to make it seem so very similar. Almost the perfect phishing attempt. Naturally, it seem these days, the domain is registered in Russia and privacy protect is being used.

So, ladies and gents, just don't go clicking all willy nilly like on links you get from suspicious people, or even friends. Exercise a bit of caution first. My advice is to always copy and paste the link to ensure its legitimacy first. And then just be weary and do your research before downloading anything.

Steam malware, or malware spread via the Steam platform will always persist. It's a great platform to target and it has millions of users. Just be safe out there, and remember to have a good anti-virus that you run from time to time. Even Linux benefits from an anti-virus that can keep Window's malware from hitching a ride.