Steam Improves Gift Management System

Rizwan Anwer

For a long time users have been able to buy games for people they love or respect on steam or simply because they need a partner for a certain game and that game is now part of a christmas sale or something else and the buyer see's this as an opportunity to play games with more friends who may not have said game. With the steam Christmas sale coming up you can rest assured that improving on the current gift system will be beneficial to Steam AND the end users. See more details inside.

Steam gifts are a great way of showing digital love to your friends and family, digitally buying a game for a friend or family is just as good as giving them the retail box and it even saves you the trouble of shipping and handling but with the arrival of Christmas which is probably steams and every other retailers busiest season of the year you can rest assured that steam has made gifting more manageable especially to all those people out there who have someone looking out for them, the new steam system ensures you don't miss out on any present and gives you a few notifications such as "Pending Gifts" and a small flag inside the steam client which informs you about the arrival of a new gift from someone.

Considering that gifting is a significant part of steam now I can see why they have decided to give it a revamp beforehand. I am definitely waiting to see the new system in action and am impressed by how much it helps in making managing gifts more easier for all the end users so even the most entry class level steam user won't be lost.

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