Stay in the Light Is the First Game Entirely Based on Ray Tracing Technology, Out Now on Steam Early Access

Stay in the Light just launched on Steam Early Access as the first game entirely based on ray tracing technology. To run the game, made by indie studio Sunside Games (Abducted, Crow) with the help of NVIDIA, players will need a GeForce RTX or GTX graphics card.

Right now, the game is priced 11,24€ thanks to the launch week 10% discount and it comes with six dungeon levels for now. Of course, more features and content will be released by Sunside Games over the course of the early access phase, scheduled to last between six and eight months.

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Stay in the Light is an immersive first person horror game with a combination of unique features: Real-time Ray Tracing and Random Dungeon generator.

Stay in the Light requires a high end GTX card or RTX card. Using the latest version of Unreal 4 it makes use of ray traced reflections and shadows for gameplay that could only be done with this new technology.

You are being hunted by Him, a creature lurking in a mysterious dungeon. With only a few items, a mirror, a torch and some chalk, you must survive this hellish place. There are treasures to be found, puzzles to solve and clues to uncover.

Stay in the Light takes advantage of RTX rendering technology and can only be done in a real-time ray traced environment. The mirror reflects things behind you with pixel perfect accuracy. Light and shadows are key elements of gameplay. This game uses cutting edge rendering techniques to create completely new gameplay experiences as well as showing off the hardware capability of RTX cards.

Dungeon levels are generated randomly for maximum replayability. The game includes the ability for you to generate your own random level and see the generation process in action, and then pick the level you want to play.

The latest Nvidia drivers must be installed in order to play Stay in the Light correctly. It requires a 1060, 1070 or 1080 GTX card to play in the low res, minimum spec mode. An RTX card is preferred for the full resolution experience.

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