Starfall Tactics Unreal Engine 4 RTS Gets Kickstarter Campaign


Snowforged Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new 4X space RTS, Starfall Tactics. Starfall Tactics will be free to download and play. The team aims to raise $45K with its Kickstarter campaign and has 33 days in order to meet this goal.

In Starfall Tactics, we want to marry the tactical combat seen in wargames with great visuals and an expansive universe populated by thousands of players -- a universe that you can explore and get lost in.

“Gameplay is split between using fleets to conquer the galaxy or saving mankind from an impending alien threat.”

Combat in Starfall Tactics is designed to provide a tactical experience, down to its most basic elements.

A spaceship can have up to 3 attributes associated with it.

Energy shields — protect against energy damage
Armor — most effective against physical damage
Structure — internal ship systems (its ‘vitals’)

In Starfall Tactics, every vessel can be equipped with a module that grants a certain skill or utility. This can completely change the way you interact with a ship and its abilities.

Starfall Tactics features:

  • Tactical combat: Battles can feature a variety of ships — from discreet frigates to deadly cruisers and heavy dreadnoughts
  • In-depth customization: From the hull to the individual engines, everything is created using blueprints. Players can easily customize and outfit ships — adapting their tactics for a variety of situations. Every choice matters!
  • Epic combat: Balls-to-the-wall explosions, intense action, and stunning visuals delivered via Unreal Engine 4.
  • Galaxy conquest: Players can freely travel and explore the confines of known space. A variety of activities are available: from fending off pirates to trading, discovering new planets, and gathering intel on a new threat to humanity.
  • High stakes: Players can unite as a clan and take ownership of different sectors, mine rare types of asteroids, and establish outposts on various planets. Whether it’s territory, scarce resources, or the respect of others, the pressure is on. Players have something of real value to lose.

Vasiliy Tedeev, lead project manager at Snowforged Entertainment, explains:

“We’ve been working full-time for eight months now. The community’s reaction to Starfall Tactics has been beyond anything we could have imagined. We already have the core gameplay finished. The Kickstarter funding will allow us to expand the game’s universe to merge our favorite aspects of the wargame and RTS genres into a combination that will leave a lasting impression. We are huge tabletop and wargaming fans, and we hope we can do both genres justice with Starfall Tactics.”


We will bring you any new information on Starfall Tactics as well as other new Unreal Engine 4 projects as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check out our previous coverage on Starfall Tactics as well as Unreal Engine 4 here and here.


You can show your support for Starfall Tactics in its Kickstarter page, here.