Major Stardew Valley Update 1.5 in the Works; Will Offer New Free Content Aplenty

Stardew Valley Update 1.5

Stardew Valley Update 1.5 is currently in the works, according to the game’s creator, and it will pack lots of new free content.

Eric Barone, who goes by the name ConcernedApe, announced the upcoming major update for his country-life RPG via Twitter.

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Like previous updates, the content update will be free for all players. When asked whether there are plans for paid DLC or cosmetics in the game, Barone said that he has no plans to release paid DLC, but he does intend to create more games in the future.

Stardew Valley’s most recent content update for PC dates from November 2019 and expanded or improved nearly every aspect of the game. This 1.4 update was released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 one month later.

“One of my main goals with 1.4 was to finally “polish” the game to the degree that I’ve always wanted”, Barone said. “What I mean by that is that I wanted to fix all the bugs that have been lingering in the game, to fix a lot of weird or annoying things about the controls and feel of the game, and add in a lot of “quality of life” features that will make the game more seamless to play. I feel pretty confident that this goal has been met!”

Stardew Valley is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The RPG was originally released for PC back in 2016. The title is among our best simulation and strategy games of the decade.

As a game, there's little more meditative than living the simple life on a farm, enjoying the fruits of your labour as plants start to grow and your chickens lay their eggs. Throughout this, you are slowly building your relationships with the people around your farm. You slowly expand and explore at your own pace. While not revolutionary, Stardew Valley is an exceptional life simulation and management game that has drawn in millions and will draw in millions more.

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