Starborne May be the Game You’ve Always Wanted

You know, every now and then something will use a title to catch your attention and completely not live up to the hype it sets itself. It's not the games fault really, in the modern age where everybody has the attention span of a particularly drunk magpie, you need to grab peoples attention. Developers Solid Clouds have certainly grabbed the attention of this particularly drunk magpie.

Why? Well, that's because Starborne looks like a game that's either too ambitious or is just going to be the magical game that the world never knew it needed. I've always had my suspicions I needed such a title, but then I just passed it off as gas. It seems I was right all along!

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So what exactly is Starborne (official site)? Well, from the looks of it, it's a sort of super-sized space-based Civilization. I actually mean super-sized too, with the game claiming to have thousands of players in a single server. Indeed, the game has actually been in open alpha for four years now, it's had 90,000 people sign up to it with them having played over a cumulative 105 years so far. Considering I like to consider myself a strategy buff, how in the hell haven't I heard of it?

Particularly when you also realise that Solid Clouds has veterans in the studio from the likes of CCP. It makes sense that this is a space game. From watching the video, I can't help but be interested, but also a little curious about how it can all work. Something with such a huge size needs ways to play and travel quickly, to interact with people but also how does your empire survive when you're doing these horrible human-like thinks, such as sleeping and working.

As for the actual press-y description of the game:

Starborne is a massively multiplayer real-time sci-fi strategy game where you build your empire alongside thousands of other players and wage war for control of the galaxy. Each individual game is played over an eight-week period across a unique seamless map. Players must strategize and forge alliances to put themselves in the strongest possible position for the intensely competitive endgame that will decide the fate of everything. Once it’s over, a new eight-week game begins in a totally fresh galaxy.

In an online space dominated by fantasy RPG’s, First Person Shooters and Battle Royale shooters, Starborne is forging a unique position within the PC MMO sector, offering players an intellectually challenging yet highly accessible alternative. One in which every decision you make has a meaningful impact that shapes the outcome of each game.

All I know is that I think I may need to jump in and get the game closer to 100,000 players.

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