Star Wars Battlefront Server Downtime Tomorrow To Implement Outer Rim DLC

Aernout van de Velde

To roll out the Outer Rim DLC and patch, Star Wars Battlefront servers will experience some scheduled downtime tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd).

Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefront’s first DLC is scheduled for a global release tomorrow, and players on all platforms will experience some downtime while EA rolls out the expansion and patch. As posted by Battlefront’s community manager, Mathew Everett (Sledgehammer70), the expansion and patch is rolled out in phases. The Outer Rim general patch will be rolled out first to PC, followed by PS4. The Xbox One will receive the DLC patch last. DLC for season pass owners will follow later on that day. Servers will be offline for up to an hour as the patches are implemented.

On early Tuesday morning, March 22nd, Star Wars Battlefront servers will go offline for up to an hour as we launch our Outer Rim DLC and Patch. Scheduled downtime is listed below; we apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

March 22nd
Outer Rim General Patch:
Companion App: 08:00 UTC
PC: 08:00 UTC
PS4: 10:00 UTC
X1: 12:00 UTC

DLC for Season Pass owners: 
PC: 13:00 UTC
PS4 SCEA & SCEE: 14:00 UTC
X1: 15:00 UTC

March 23rd
DLC for Season Pass owners:
PS4 Asia: 04:00 UTC
PS4 Japan: 02:00-05:00 UTC

According Everett, full patch notes will be posted upon the start of downtime. We’ll update when those notes gets posted.

The Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC pack includes Greedo and Nien Numb, new maps , an increased level cap, the new Relby V-10 rifle, the DT-12 Blaster Pistol, and three new Star Cards, Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade and Adrenaline Stim.

Free additional content is also coming to Star Wars Battlefront in the near future. A recently released trailer, implied thatt Battlefront is going to get a new play mode called Hutt Contracts in the future. More details on this game mode should be revealed soon.

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