Star Wars Battlefront Bowcaster, Homing Shot To Be Buffed In Next Update, More Changes Outlined


Last month, Star Wars Battlefront received a new update which introduced new content to the game as well as plenty of gameplay and balance tweaks. The team is obviously not done with tweaking the game, and another update will be released later this month on all formats. More on what the update will change has recently emerged on the game's official forums.

Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Sledgehammer70 has recently confirmed that some of the weapons that have been balanced in the January update are actually weaker than the team anticipated. For this reason, the Bowcaster and the Homing Shot will be getting further tweaks in the February update so to bring them back in line where we feel they should be. These tweaks can apparently be considered buffs, according to the Community Manager.

I have a feeling the community will be excited to hear the Bowcaster and Homing shot will be getting further tweaks to bring them back in line where we feel they should be. Yes, these would be considered 'buffs' but we're not going into specifics until we reveal the full patch details.

Speaking about weapon changes, Sledgehammer70 has also confirmed that the next update will include weapon buffs against air vehicles, adjustments to barrage damage and DLT19 adjustments.

The Star Wars Battlefront February update isn't just going to tweak weapons, but also Starfighters. Some of the changes coming in the update revolve around the A-Wing, with changes in how the A-Wing's hit-box functions to align it better to its counterpart. Another change will come to Starfighter shields getting used to ram ground vehicles with no repercussions.

We have been gathering feedback across the board around Starfighters and are getting ready to make some changes across the board. The first item, of course, revolves around the A-Wing, as our team outlined here, you will see changes in how the A-wing's hit-box functions among other adjustments to make sure this Starfighter is aligned with its counterpart.
Other changes will be made, but another particular item ties to the use of Starfighter shields being used to ram ground vehicles with no repercussions. This will also be addressed in the update.

Star Wars Battlefront is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The February update has yet to be dated.