Star Ocean: The Divine Force New Gameplay Footage Showcases Item Creation, Private Actions and More

Francesco De Meo
Star Ocean: The Divine Force

New Star Ocean: The Divine Force gameplay footage has been shared online today, providing a new look at one of the game's playable characters, Item Creation mechanics, and more.

The new footage, which was made available in Japanese a few weeks ago, showcases Marielle L. Kenny's combat abilities, Item Creation mechanics, which see the return of Talents from Star Ocean: Second Story, Private Actions with multiple choices that influence the ending, side quests, and the Es'owa minigame.

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A New Chapter in the Star Ocean Series Will Launch on October 27, 2022 featuring a story that blends fantasy and sci-fi.

STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE offers a plethora of playable characters and side stories to explore and a unique battle system promising thrilling fights using simple and instinctive controls.



The end of Star Ocean: The Divine Force Mission Report #4 teases the next report, which can already be checked out in full, but only in Japanese. The final Mission Report showcases Theo and JJ, various combat mechanics, and more.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One on October 27th, 2022. Learn more about the game by checking out my preview.

While the game looks dated when it comes to visuals (despite tri-Ace slightly improving their typical doll-like character models and stiff animations), I feel like Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be a very solid entry in the series, thanks to the tweaks made to the series' action combat system and the introduction of D.U.M.A. which can finally make underdeveloped planets feel as massive as they should always have been. Having been a massive fan of the series since The Second Story, I was left satisfied with the little slice of the game featured in the demo and cannot wait to experience more of The Divine Force next month.

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