Star Citizen Update 1.1 Brings Many Changes

Jeff Williams

Star Citizen is, as always, making progress rather quickly these days. The kind folks at Roberts Space Industries have released the details regarding their latest update to Star Citizen and the playable modules. Star Citizen Update 1.1, brings with it a number of changes to include two new ships, one for the hanger and one to take out and test with your friends and foes alike. There is also quite the long list of fixes for the hanger and the Arena Commander modules as well.

Star Citizen Update 1.1 brings two new ships, new gameplay functionality and a host of fixes for the already playable modules.

One of the more prominent additions is that of the Automatic Approach landing mode functionality that's been added. If you've ever piloted anything before, be it virtual or in real life, the landing is always the trickiest part, but now the work can be done for you so you don't either miss where you're landing or just plain crash into the landscape.

Also hot on this list is the Free Flight Multiplayer mode. Previous to the update, Free Flight mode was only a single player affair where you could explore a relatively small given area by yourself without the threat of being blow to bits. Now you can explore that area with other people, and without the fear of being blown to bits.

Smaller additions that are still noteworthy are that of the Gladius ship that can now be flown in combat, and the Retaliator, which can be enjoyed and played upon in all its glory in the hanger. The Retaliator can be had for the low price of $275 while the Gladius can be your for just $90.

wry5O9MList of Changes

Below are the list of changes and additions that come courtesy of the Roberts Space Industries website, for your convenience.



  • Added Free Flight Multiplayer
  • Added backend functionality for IFCS to turn off when a ship lands
  • Added Landing/Docking mode to Free Flight (engaged using N)
  • Added ability for ships to request landing permission in Free Flight (engaged using middle mouse button while Landing/Docking is active)
  • Added Automatic Approach landing mode to Free Flight (engaged using M when in range of a landing zone after having been given permission to land)
  • Added groundwork tech for new ship damage state system
  • Added the Rental Equipment Credits system. Our community team have a walkthrough here
  • Added a system for ships to generate turbulence when using their thrusters to hover over something


  • Gladius is now combat ready
  • Added new ship damage state system to the Gladius
  • Retaliator is now hangar ready


  • Added Aurora SXSW paint skin
  • Redesigned ballistic weapons so they have their own loadouts which will allow them to automatically be attached with ammunition

User Interface

  • Added a visual overheat warning to the HUD to accompany the auditory warning
  • Added identifier numbers to the end of non-unique Vanduul in Vanduul swarm
  • Added HUD element to display status of ESP toggle (no keybinding option yet but it can be turned on and off in the Main Menu)
  • Added HUD element to display when landing gear is deploying and deployed
  • Added an altimeter for Landing/Docking mode to show ships how far away from the platform the ship is
  • Added Rental Equipment Credits to scoreboard (the total value of credits earned is not calculated until the match is over)
  • Added ping value to scoreboard (currently doesn’t work)
  • Added custom sensitivity curves to control options
  • Added backend support to allow the creation of subgroups within subgroups in control options


  • Added Simpod to hangar (replaces ship cockpit arena commander menu)
  • Added Xian ship miniature
  • Added Khartu-Al ship miniature



  • Increased number of landing platforms in Free Flight to 8
  • Changed friendly fire system – Pilots now receive “Infractions” for doing an amount of friendly fire damage in a short space of time. Too many of these causes them to be kicked from the game
  • Comstab is less aggressive in how quickly it decelerates the ship which will lead to some drift
  • Scoreboard is now bound to the tab key
  • Freelook is now bound right ctrl+tab
  • Crouch is now bound to ctrl
  • G-safe now limits based on ship velocities rather than set points


  • Adjusted handling for multiple ship families
  • Updated lighting system for 300 series
  • 300 series have had their wing mount size changed to the correct value of size 2
  • Aurora headlights system updated to use multiple light sources
  • Hornets have had their ball turret weapon mount size changed to the correct value of size 2
  • Hornets now fold their wings back while landing
  • The Cutlass have had their turret weapon mount size changed to the correct value of size 2
  • M50 can now mount size 2 weapons on its wings if it is not using gimbals
  • Mustang nose turret adjusted to hold size 1 weapons


  • Replaced Mass Driver Cannon fire sound with something more appropriate for a 60mm Ballistic (was laser)
  • Gimbaled weapon mounts have been adjusted so that they now hold weapons that are one size smaller than the mount
  • Fixed mounts are now a part of the ship and allow weapons equal to the slot size to be attached to the ship without the need of an additional equipment
  • Adjusted damage and heat per shot for Sledge II to normalize it vs other size 1 weapons
  • Adjusted missile mass to a more realistic value
  • Rattler second stage rockets are slightly faster and have better acceleration

User Interface

  • Removed Arena Commander UI from all ship cockpits (available through Simpod and escape menu)
  • Removed landing pads from ship radar sphere unless ship is in landing mode
  • G-safe light deactivates when boost is held down
  • Self-destruct is now a customizable binding
  • Holotable now sorts items based on type, subtype (where applicable) and name
  • Holotable can now be interacted with after pressing F (no longer need to press tab)
  • Changed importing custom control setups so that it allows the entire default profile to be overridden based on forum feedback


(PTU) – Denotes an issue from PTU that was fixed


  • REC now reports to the website(PTU)
  • Ships are now able to take off if a pilot reenters a seat after they land using automatic approach(PTU)
  • Fixed multiple issues where landing a ship would prevent it from being able to take off(PTU)
  • Fixed issue where using AMD crossfire would cause the new damage state system to display incorrectly(PTU)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing AI pilots to misjudge the position of a ship they were trying to avoid
  • Fixed final kill alert sound playing any time a ships is destroyed after a pilot reaches 13000 points in battle royale
  • Fixed a bug where calculated torque was occasionally incorrect causing instability in the ship
  • Fixed issue that was causing thrusters to twitch back and forth
  • Fixed Vanduul missiles skipping their flight phase in Coop Vanduul Swarm
  • Enemy and friendly NPC ships are now spawning correctly in Dying Star Vanduul Swarm(PTU)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing time played to be reported incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where opening the holotable after equipping certain weapons would cause the game to crash(PTU)
  • Increased distance that ships will deploy their landing gear to prevent them from pushing themselves off the landing platform(PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where passengers entering a ship while the pilot is still sitting in the cockpit will cause the pilot to go through the same animations(PTU)
  • Characters should now die when hitting collision at high speed instead of going through it(PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where using HOMAS or TrackIR whilst using Target Focus causes the players head to shake and move uncontrollably
  • Fixed issue where character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards


  • 300 series have their starboard cooling components back
  • 350r now respawns without damaging its components
  • 350r center of mass was in the wrong location and has been corrected*
  • Mustang Beta will no longer have one of the doors in the cabin float above it if it’s used
  • Mustang variant ships were using the incorrect thrusters(PTU)
  • Retaliator now appears in the hangar(PTU)


  • Fixed several shield generators having visible one sided geometry in the holotable
  • Adjusted weapon tech setup that was preventing the 9-Series Longsword from animating when fired
  • MaxOx NN-13 Neutron Cannon has had its name corrected
  • Tigerstriek is no longer missing collision

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the game client to steal mouse focus when loading into the hangar
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the scoreboard to appear when modifier keys were pressed with the tab button
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