Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 Update Brings New Features and Deadly Consequences

Star Citizen Deadly Consequences

Cloud Imperium Games has announced today the release of the Star Citizen Alpha 3.15 update. This update is denominated as "Deadly Consequences," and it introduces an array of new systems for players, focusing on new hospitals and medical gameplay. This update also brings significant updates to personal inventory systems and more.

A trailer showcasing the newly implemented changes can be seen below:

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Starting with the medical gameplay, players will now be able to manage injury and recovery mechanics. Players can temporarily heal themselves and other players with a variety of new healing tools, including the CuraLife Medical Gun and Multi-tool Healing Beam attachment. Of course, using these tools can have deadly consequences if used excessively.

This mechanic comes with an update to the health system where players can now be "downed" if they are wounded and can be revived by players to get back into the fight. While downed players can call for a rescue from nearby players, they can still be killed by other players and NPCs. Killed players will leave their items behind, which can then be looted by opportunistic adversaries.

New hospitals can be found in Orison, GrimHex, New Babbage, and Rest stop clinics. Hospitals can be set as respawn locations after a player's been killed. In addition, Players can also use hospitals to heal critical injuries. Injuries can also be applied to specific body parts, including the head, torso, and limbs, that impact gameplay until the wound is healed.

The Star Citizen update also brings a new Bombing Mechanic, which adds extra layers of tactical gameplay. This mechanic allows players to devise new strategies in both offensive and defensive scenarios. New bomb UI offers pilots a hi-tech solution for targeting while retaining skill-based, manual aiming to place the perfect shot for maximum damage.

Additionally, the update will bring new mission modifiers that challenge players with defending objectives against waves of enemies in Defend Missions. Star Citizen - Deadly Consequences also brings another modifier focused on avoiding detection called Infiltrate Missions.

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Star Citizen is currently available worldwide on PC. A release date for the full game has not been announced yet. Last month, we had the chance to see the game's volumetric clouds alongside other updates during this year's CitizenCon.

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