SSUPD Showcases the Meshlicious Mini-ITX PC Case

Evan Federowicz
Source: SSUPD

SSUPD made the Meshlicious PC case available for pre-order on Newegg and has three different variations, a white color scheme, a Black color scheme, a version featuring a dark color scheme with a PCIe 4.0 Riser Cable. This PC case offers support for a large graphics card, many mesh panels with a tempered glass side panel. According to Newegg, the versions that don't include a PCIe 4.0 cable with a price of $109.99, while the version that includes a PCIe 4.0 cable has a price of $164.99.

The Meshlicious PC case is currently available for pre-order through Newegg's website

The Meshlicious PC case features a primarily mesh exterior to ensure a well ventilated internal for PC hardware; this PC case features a mesh left side panel. The right-side panel features a tempered glass design. This case features a mesh front panel and a mesh top panel alongside the mesh left side panel. These mesh panels allow for an incredible amount of air to be easily pulled into the PC case, ensuring that even high-end PC components can stay cool and operate at the highest capacity.

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For compatibility, this Mini-ITX PC case can support either an ATX or an SFX power supply, and This ensures that PC builders won't need to buy a new power supply to fit inside this PC case. Depending on if your PC system utilizes an AIO and the AIO cooler's orientation, this PC case can support either up to a 160 mm or a 170 mm power supply length. This PC case can support only a Mini-ITX motherboard, with a CPU height of up to 73 mm with 3 GPU slots available, while a maximum CPU height of up to 53 mm with four GPU slots available.

The Meshlicious PC case is stated to have three different versions, a white color scheme, a dark color scheme, and an upgraded version with a dark color scheme. Strangely, there are currently two different prices listed on the SSUPD website and the price listed on the Newegg website.

The white color scheme and the black color scheme versions have a price of $119.00 on the SSUPD website, while on Newegg, the price is listed as $109.99. The upgraded version of this case features a price of $164.99 on Newegg, while on the SSUPD website, the price is listed as $179.00. This case is stated to be released on March 12th, according to the Newegg listing.

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