AMD RADV Gets NVIDIA Mesh Shader Extensions In Preparation For Vulkan Mesh Shader Support

AMD RADV Gets NVIDIA Mesh Shader Extensions In Preparation For Vulkan Mesh Shader Support

The AMD Radeon Vulkan driver or RADV placed within the Mesa Project's upcoming 22.2 build has received further mesh shader support, reports Phoronix. The support, which is based on an experimental NVIDIA NV_mesh_shader extension and is in the process of preparations that will allow the shader to offer the same capabilities as D3D12 abilities, will also provide cross-vendor support within the extension.

AMD RADV is close to finalization to prepare for support of the Vulkan Mesh Shader as the Mesa update window will be closing soon

This open-source Radeon Vulkan driver within Mesa has been working on mesh shader support; currently, the experimental and prior Vulkan extension for mesh shading is very close to the same properties of DirectX 12, which will be helpful for compatibility with VKD3D-Proton. Timur Kristóf, one of the Valve open-source engineers, has been crucial in moving the RADV task and mesh shader commands closer to finalization.

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Image source: Michael Larabel of website Phoronix.

AMD's Radeon Vulkan graphics driver, or RADV, was designed by community engineers from Google, Red Hat, and other contributors working within the Linux platform. The driver is the first choice for AMD graphics card users that also use the Linux open-source operating system. Companies such as AMD, along with Intel, NVIDIA, Valve, and others allow for Linux support to be officially supported and allow for the numerous improvements and updates that affect the computer's performance, support for various graphical enhancements, and more.

The most recent merge has draws for the task+mesh shader prepared, which Larabel reports will add to the already merged task shader code. Also noted by the experienced Linux writer is that the merge request mentions complications within the hardware implementation not lining up to the currently available API. He continues to note that it only affects the NV_mesh_shader and is anticipated not to affect the Vulkan mesh shader's extension.

The recent RADV merge request in Mesa 22.2 will show task shader support by utilizing the NV_mesh_shader. The extension remains undisclosed in typical situations unless the user uses the RADV_PERFTEST=nv_ms environment variable. The Mesa 22.2 feature work window will close soon as the updated complete release will launch sometime in August. AMD also recently began support for NVIDIA's DGC's in its latest RADV driver.

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