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Square Enix Teases Unprecedented E3 Line-Up


Square Enix is holding a press conference at E3 2015, and we were promised to witness the gameplay debut of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, during the event.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, tried to get some information from the publisher regarding their E3 conference and the Square Enix representative responded with the following:

“At this year’s E3, we’ll have our own conference for the first time after two years, where we’ll deliver to everyone the rich line-up of the Square Enix Group. What we’re going to show off at E3 is unprecedented in the history of Square Enix, with a strong line-up in which each can be considered a centerpiece.

Since we plan to stream the conference live, it’ll be at night [in Japan], but please watch it!”

Square Enix have reported that Final Fantasy XV will not be present at E3 2015, but a surprise announcement of a PC version could still be possible. A Gamescom announcement in August though could make more sense.

Square Enix usually has its games showcased during the conferences of Microsoft and Sony but this year it appears that they are holding their own conference. The company certainly has quite a selection of huge titles to demonstrate, some of which could benefit immensely from both the time and focus in order to do them justice.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which was introduced with a magnificent cinematic trailer, had very little information revealed about it so far, and a complete lack of gameplay footage. Kingdom Hearts 3, similarly made no appearances for some time, and after the transition of the game to the Unreal Engine 4, fans have been eager to see Kingdom Hearts in action. The hugely anticipated Just Cause 3 will surely be making an apperance at the show.

Square Enix recently released the transcript of its financial results, outlining the plan for fiscal year 2016. CEO Yosuke Matsuda explained the company's IP policies, stating that the company plans to strengthen and reboot existing IPs.

First is to strengthen and reboot our existing IPs. We would like to focus on how to utilize the numerous assets of content that we have nurtured so far, and apply them to the latest trend. As for the platform, we would like to use consoles and smart devices in parallel. Just focusing on one platform is not enough. We believe it is significant to serve both platforms, if we are to offer game content and services that appeal to the new generation.

The publisher promises their biggest line-up ever for E3 2015, so we can expect to see more of the already announced titles, and have a lot of new announcements and surprises. We will bring you any new information from Square Enix and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.