Spotify ‘Car Thing’ is the First Music and Podcast Player by the Company


Spotify has gone ahead and announced the first hardware device ever called the 'Car Thing .' While I still cannot make sense of the name, it is an in-car dash-mounted music and podcast player. The company is releasing this music player to provide a more seamless experience to everyone who wants to have a personalized listening experience in their car, especially in cars that have modern infotainment systems.

The Car Thing will be aimed at Spotify Premium subscribers and will bring a touch screen, a knob for navigation, voice control features, and four user-configurable buttons. You can use these features to easily access your favorite music, podcast, or your playlists.

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Spotify Car Thing Looks Like an Interesting Device with a Rushed Up Name

The Car Thing user interface takes design elements from the Spotify mobile app, so it will be familiar to users who have been using it, and you can choose between touch controls and the "Hey' Spotify" voice commands as well. In addition to that, physical navigation via the knob is also possible. The Car Thing will work over Bluetooth, AUX cable, or a USB cable, and you can choose from a variety of mounts that will come with the device to ensure that you can easily install them on the dashboard.

Additionally, the Car Thing ships with three types of dash and vent mounts to choose from, a car charger, as well as a USB Type-C cable. Initially, the Car Thing will be available for free, but it will be for a limited time only; selected users will have to bear the shipment cost. The reason here is that Spotify sees this as an experimental device.

However, when it does reach the public release, the device will retail for $79.99, but at the moment, we are not sure when the device is going to launch finally. For those interested, The device is now being offered via an invite-only system to U.S. Spotify Premium subscribers who have a smartphone. You can sign up for it here.