UberMusic, WP7 copy hits Android market

Syavash Pahore

One of the things, Android clearly lakes is a visually appealing music player. The stock player isn't all that interesting and all the alternatives on the market aren't that splendid either. Federico Carnale, developer of LauncherPro has decided to fix this by porting Windows Phone 7's music player to Android under the name of UberMusic. The music player is an exact (very nearly) copy of the music player on WP7 and available on here on the Android market for $3.49. Might be a bit on the expensive side, but this is easily one of THE BEST music player on the Android market. The animations and effects are awesome and the overall look and feel of the application is excellent. Plus you can customize it with skins to change the look and feel of the player.

Below, a video comparing the player to the original on Windows Phone 7, courtesy of Engadget:

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