[Spoilers]Dead Space 3 Story Details Leaked, Issac Stranded on a Frozen Planet fighting Hive Minds?


Siliconera, A gaming website which recently revealed Electronic Arts’ Syndicate reboot a few months ago has now got new details on Visceral games upcoming title "Dead Space 3". The info details the story and character of Issac Clarke, Our main Protagonist from the first 2 titles (Dead Space 1/2). We also reported a logo of Dead Space 3 which was spotted at the developers headquarters over here.

Spoilers Below: :p

The site reports that the Game would start at a Command Center located on Mars where the Captain asks Issac to fly to the Frozen Planted "Tau Volantis" to rescue a women and bring her back. If Issac rejects, He would have to face the EarthGov due to his warrant for arrest because of destroying the Titan Space Station in Dead Space 2.

Issac Accepted the offer and descends into the frozen world with his partner Ellie (Dead Space 2 Character). However, Issac's Ship crash lands on the Tau Volantis and is stranded in a blizzard storm with no whereabouts of his companion Ellie. Issac heads in a Abandoned Station where a half dead comrade tells him about other survivors who went off to an other facility after the crash, He grabs a Snowsuit and heads in to the blizzard.

Later in the game, Issac is reunited with Ellie and a new female character Jennifer (Presumably the women he was sent to rescue). Issac and both ladies then climb a mountain but Jennifer hesitates since she wants to find a codex and plans to reverse engineer research by a group called Rosetta to gain access to it. As they climb the mountain, Strange noises and howls can be heard from the depths below which the creature remains unknown. That creature is being refereed to as the Hive Mind, The 100ft tall boss from the ending of Dead Space 1 returns back in the third title. Now that would make the story quite a bit interesting. Issac's Character also changes in Dead Space 3, Following are the Details [Spoilers]:

Isaac has a split personality in Dead Space 3 and "Shadow Isaac" taunts Isaac every chance he gets. For example, Shadow Isaac calls Isaac an idiot after he falls into a tunnel late in the game. Isaac complains this rescue mission isn’t his mission and the shadow retorts and tells Isaac he turns his back on the wrong things. Isaac shouts to the shadow to shut up, who replies to Isaac by saying he’s making all of the noise. Dead Space 3 is going to have this kind of banter – a sarcastic shadow and Isaac crossing tongues. Players will be able to see the shadow as a separate on screen character.


Isaac (and his shadow) will come in contact with a "marker" on the frozen world inDead Space 3 too…

The title if under development would definitely be revealed at 2012's E3 Convection.