Day 2 of E3 Livestream Text Coverage; Nintendo and Their Wii-U to Steal The Show

Rizwan Anwer

E3 is nearly upon us and it seems like yesterday went by in a second when Microsoft, EA, Sony and Ubisoft all unveiled their exclusives and upcoming AAA Titles among other games and more but today is special because Nintendo is finally revealing the successor to the Nintendo Wii which has been selling like hot cakes since its launch and has managed to stay ahead of the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation throughout its life, today the Wii-U gets unveiled and I am really anxious to see what's in store for the fans.

The Nintendo show is about to start so keep tuned.

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the Wii-U and the features we are already aware of such as touch screen, play without a TV etc. Now he is showing Pikmin 3 and its features and the integration with the Wii-U.

Shigeru goes in depth about how the integration let's you play Pikmin 3 in various game play styles, you can play it as an RTS using the game controller and even on the TV screen.

Reggie is now on the screen, who here is reggie?

23 Wii-U Titles on STAGE TODAY! WOW!

The Wii-U will help change the way you game, connect with friends and how you watch your TV. This just keeps getting more interesting

Many VIDEO PLAYERS are coming, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube etc.

The new controller plays an essential role around the Wii-U, it will change gaming as we know gaming completely!

The Wii-U Hardware limitations only allow it to connect two Wii-U Game pads, the design of the game pad is quite unique. It has analog sticks on both sides, screen in the center, rumble, built in microphone and camera, head phone jack, L/R button and A/B/X/Y buttons and the home button is also coming.

Now Reggie is talking about Mii Verse.

The Mii verse looks interesting but I don't think it will last long once the big titles come out. But that's just my guess.

MARIO IS ON THE SCREEN, New Super Mario Bros. U Is now OFFICIAL! And Mii Verse will help you connect and talk about the game with other players and friends or family.



The game will come with controller support for 4 players and a player with the game pad can control the blocks on the screen


Harley has just given a sweet introduction to President of Warner Bros. To talk about the Wii-U Integration with Batman: Arkham City.

GAMEPLAY IS ABOUT TO BE SHOWN, I can't wait to see what it looks like! The Wii-U version will be called Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

And now the game play is going to be shown and the unique features of the Wii-U version is about to be talked about. How the Gamepad is going to be a real game changer

The Wii-U Version will have a B.A.T mode where the more you hit enemies the more you fill a meter and when the meter is full Batman becomes stronger momentarily. Tasks like guiding Batarangs and setting explosives and detonating them can now be done via the Wii-U Game pad.

Everything in Batman's Arsenal will be available to you on the game pad making this the most immersive and complete experience of this amazing game.

THE CEO OF 5TH CELL is now on stage and is talking about Scribblenauts Unlimited, I loved the two Scribblenauts game on the Nintendo DS. Can't wait to see what this game has to offer.

Much like the Nintendo DS you can create any thing you can imagine as long as it's not a copyright or trademark. And the game will let you go online and you can learn about Max's Notebook too through what I think is a single player campaign.

And now more games are being teased such as Darksiders 2, Mass Effect 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and many other games

Now Reggie is talking about music and fitness games. This is not going to be good. He is making us remember his amazing dance move 5 years ago.

He says his body is "reggie" for Wii Fit U


And now Wii Fit U is being demonstrated on stage with the help of a couple.

A new fit meter and the off TV play will make Wii Fit U even better than Wii FIt on the Wii.

Now he is talking about music games.

Who's body is reggie for all these movement games?

NEWS ON THE 3DS !! Hope fully a new model of the 3DS Is going to be unveiled

3 first party titles are about to be announced, super mario for the nintendo 3DS is about to be announced and shown

It's Super Mario Bros. 2

PAPER MARIO is coming to the Nintendo 3DS! This is amazing.

The game is called Paper Mario: Sticker Star and it looks very fun.

The game will be available Digitally and physically on August 15th

LUIGI is making his way on to the 3DS ITS LUIGI'S MANSION 2!

Luigi's mansion 2 is coming this holiday season for the Nintendo 3DS.

There are going to be A LOT of 3rd Party Nintendo 3DS Titles; Castlevania; Lord of Shadow Mirror of Fate, Scribblenaut unlimited a new Epic Mickey, Kingdom hearts 3D and many more.

LEGO City Undercover is being shown on the screen, this should be interesting.

The game looks like a ton of fun and definitely worth playing if you are a fan of the LEGO games and want something good to play with someone younger than you

Lego City Undercover will also be portable probably on the Nintendo 3DS.

Ubisoft title is about to be unveiled. Hopefully Rayman and the new Rabbids game among others.

Just Dance 4 is being shown off and Reggie is showing he has moves like Jagger.

ZombiU is a hardcore game, ONE bit means GAME OVER! this looks really interesting. Now gameplay is being shown off.

I am BLOWN away by the graphics of the Wii-U AND ZombiU . Once again the integration between the game and the game pad is mind blowing.

The presentation ended with Ubisoft showing off the other Ubisoft games coming to the Wii U such as Rayman Legends, Rabbid Land, Assassins Creed 3 etc.

A new Platinum Game title is being shown, it's for the Wii-U and I think it's called P-100. Looks like an arcade game, nothing like their previous games or upcoming games.

The game will make puzzle solving unique, you will have to look at the TV and the gamepad at the same time in certain instances in this game.

The game yet again comes with some pretty cool game pad / game integration, making players use the touch screen instead of quick time events.

Looks like Platinum Games have outdone them selves yet again with more over the top bosses.

The game name is "Project P-100" and now Scribblenauts Unlimited is about to be shown off. I am definitely waiting for this.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is miles ahead of the DS Version, the game will offer a large world where you go along and help / ignore people as you go.

There is now an object editor where you can customize an object to look different and use it for your self in the game, Example. You can make a toaster ride-able by increasing the size and making it what ever color you want and then assigning a proper name to it to be recognized by the Notepad such as Yellow Toaster. This is amazing.

Now there is a multiplayer, where everyone can create objects in the same place and have hours of fun and explore their creativity either working together or kill each other.

Scribblenauts Unlimited looks spectacular, you have practically unlimited sandbox space with words as long as its not a copy right or trade mark you can make anything and everything a reality!


Dead Space 3 is about to be shown, hope its something different than the stage demo!

FINALLY Dead Space 3 Co op is getting ready for GameSpot

Dead Space 3 COOP IS LIVE Isaac and John are together at the drill sequence again.

Epic Mickey 2 is about to be shown, can't wait for it.

Epic Mickey 2 is coming to the XBOX 360 and PS3 too. This is going to be "Epic"

Epic Mickey will make you follow through with your decisions, what ever you decide sticks with you till the end of the game.

Drop in and Drop out coop is also confirmed, awesome.

The game is coming out this fall for the Wii / PS 3 / XBOX 360. And will have local and online coop. To play as Mickey and Oswald.

The Last of Us Demo is about to come on live : D

It seems that the rest of the night will just be playing all the demo's played yesterday and all the demo's are the same. The only new thing was Epic Mickey 2.

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