Dead Space 3 logo spotted in Visceral Headquarters


2011 was a great year for sequels with Dead Space 2 being the most memorable sequel at the start of the year, but fans won't have to worry about there being a Dead Space 3 because it has been spotted as work in progress when an Israel based channel went inside Visceral Studios and saw Dead Space 3 logo's everywhere! This is some truly exciting news and I hope it gets slated for a 2012 release.

After the roller coaster ride of an ending which Dead Space 2 delivered fans were left wondering whether we would see a third game in the series from EA and Visceral, your prayers have been answered and Dead Space 3 has been spotted in Visceral offices, if you pause the video at 0:07 you will see the Dead Space 3 logo

while the video mostly discusses and shows Dead Space 2 could it be gearing for the release of 3? I hope that we can expect to see more Dead Space games and books in the future because the games alone are a great change of pace in the action survival horror genre. Although we would have to wait till the next E3 or so for an official announcement but atleast it's good to know that EA hasn't left Issac Clarke in the dark for future projects if there are any, and considering how Dead Space 2 ended the next game can be based on a number of locations including Earth or another colony.