Spider-Man Remastered PC Suit Mods Introduce the Famous Symbiote Black Suit and Miles Morales Suit

The first Spider-Man Remastered PC suit mods have already been released, and they are worth the watch.

Shortly after the game’s release on Steam, the first mods for the hit title dropped, including an RTGI ReShade preset and a PC modding tools modification, and we now have a couple of suit mods that will please fans of the franchise.

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The first mod that deserves to be covered is the Symbiote black suit. This suit mod replaces the Advanced Suit's textures to resemble Symbiote Black Suit that we might see in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man 2. In addition, this mod also replaces Peter Parker's original outfits with a suit and tie.

Down below you’ll find a video of the Symbiote suit in action:

The Symbiote Black Suit can be downloaded from Nexusmods right here.

The second suit mod that we wanted to cover is the Miles Morales suit as featured in Insomniac’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Again, this suit mod replaces Spider-Man's Advanced suit model. Down below you’ll find a screenshot of the suit within the game.

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The Spider-Man Miles Morales Suit can be downloaded here. Some interesting suit mods right here for suit lovers in case you're not satisfied with the number of suits available in the action title.

Spider-Man Remastered is available now globally for PC and PlayStation 5. The non-remastered version is also available for PlayStation 4.

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