Spider-Man Remastered 1.001 Update Improves Ray Tracing Quality and Performance, Addresses Rest Mode Issues and More


A new Spider-Man Remastered update is now live, introducing the ability to transfer saves from the original PlayStation 4 release and more.

The 1.001 update brings not only the PS4 save transfer feature but also improved quality and performance for ray tracing and fixes for multiple issues, including Rest Mode stability issues.

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You can catch the full Spider-Man Remastered 1.001 update notes below.

New Features

  • Added ability to download save games from Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

Fixes & Updates

  • Improved quality and performance of ray-traced reflections
  • Addressed various animation issues
  • Addressed various environment art issues
  • Addressed various accessibility issues
  • Addressed a stability issue when resuming from Rest Mode

Spider-Man Remastered comes with graphics improvements over the original PlayStation 4 release as well as a 60 FPS Performance Mode and DualSense support.

Let’s talk about graphical updates. The team has done the painstaking work of updating the city’s environment to take advantage of the new console. Beyond improved models and materials, one of the biggest things we have brought to the game is ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows. We now have true reflections on the windows of buildings, and it looks stunning with our new skies and weather

Additionally, thanks to the power of the PS5 console, we’re now able to offer a high frame rate through Performance Mode, which targets a 60fps frame rate! This allows you to experience the beginning of the Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered storyline like never before. It feels amazing to play. That’s not all! We take full-advantage of other next-generation PlayStation features like near-instant loading (don’t worry, you can turn back on those humorous fast-travel animations if you miss them), Spatial 3D Audio on compatible headphones, and the revolutionary DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Spider-Man Remastered is now available on PlayStation 5.