Spider-Man Devs Clarify Miles Morales Isn’t in the Suit, Provide New Peter Parker Details

Nathan Birch

Sony’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man will provide all the action, web-slinging, and fisticuffs you might expect, but what about the man behind the mask? Developer Insomniac Games have promised Spider-Man’s private life will be a major focus of the game, and, in a new interview with Game Informer, they provided a few new details about their version of Peter Parker.

But first, a rumor needs to be put to rest – some fans have speculated that it will be Miles Morales in the iconic red-and-blue costume, with Peter Parker only showing up in his civilian guise. While that would be an intriguing setup, it’s simply not the case says Spider-Man creative director Bryan Intihar.

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“This is a Peter Parker story. That is not Miles in that suit, which is the question everyone keeps asking me on Twitter.”

As we’ve heard before, Spider-Man features an older, more confident Peter Parker – he’s 23 in this story and has been web-slinging since he was 15. Peter will deal with the usual 20-something trials, including relationship issues and late rent checks, while working as a scientist for an undisclosed entity. Insomniac is keeping Peter’s employer a secret, but there’s only so many options – Oscorp? Stark Industries? Uh, interning for the Fantastic Four?

Spider-Man’s story takes place over several weeks in October, and characters will change in subtle ways (new clothes, hair) to show the passage of time. In classic Spidey tradition, the denizens of New York will have a mixed opinion of you – some will be fans, while others (who most likely subscribe to the Daily Bugle) will see you as a menace.

The story kicks off with Peter finally apprehending The Kingpin, but, of course, a superhero’s work is never done. The game’s script is around 400,000 words (the equivalent of a 3,333-page novel), so expect a lot to happen to poor Peter before the credits roll. Christos Gage, a Marvel comics staple who helped write Spider-Man’s script, is definitely enthusiastic about the game’s story…

“I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel like we’re on the right track. I am hoping that what fans will feel like when they play this game is a sense of, ‘Finally!’ I don’t mean that in any disrespect to any past Spider-Man games, but I am hoping Spider-Man fans will play and say, ‘Oh wow. I feel like Spider-Man. This is great, this feels right.'”

Spider-Man swings onto PS4 on September 7.

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