Spider-Man To Swing Back Into Action With a New Game Plus Update


Marvel’s Spider-Man has been in the wilds for less than a week, but some particularly, uh, dedicated players have already managed to scarf down most of the game’s content. Thankfully, those hungry for more will soon be able to hit the streets of Manhattan all over again, as Insomniac have revealed they’re working on a New Game Plus update.

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It seems Sony is all about the New Game Plus these days, as God of War also added one post-launch. It will be interesting to see what players can expect from their second Spider-Man playthrough – harder enemies and being able to carry over your Spider suits is almost certainly a lock, but maybe Insomniac will make other changes, like, say, mixing up backpack locations.

Since launching last week, Spider-Man has been burning up the sales charts and picking up positive reviews, including one from Wccftech’s own Kai Powell

“Marvel’s Spider-Man does so many things right and swings close to greatness, but it just can’t nail the superhero landing. A few holes in the spider-web of deceit and villainy can be quite visible if you focus too much on the story. But If you look beyond that and focus on the web-slinging and combat, Insomniac has created what is certainly one of the best superhero games to date. Insomniac has found a way to weave together the human side of Peter Parker with the combat and web-slinging of Spider-Man to create a web of intrigue that any PlayStation 4-owning superhero fan should play.”

In addition to the New Game Plus mode, Spider-Man will also be getting a three-chapter season pass, The City That Never Sleeps, featuring Spidey-Black Cat flirting and other after-dark adventures. You can learn more about the DLC, right here.

Spider-Man is available now on PS4.

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