Spider-Man: Miles Morales a Standalone Game Similar in Scope to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Last week at Sony’s big PS5 reveal event, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was announced, which was certainly cause for excitement for true Marvel fans, but some questions remained. Was Miles Morales a full game in its own right? Or more of an “expansion and enhancement” of Insomniac’s original Spider-Man game? Thankfully, Insomniac has stepped in to clarify.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a full standalone game, although it’s scope will be somewhat smaller than Insomniac’s last Spidey title. They’re comparing it Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in terms of size, so you’re probably looking at a 5-to-10-hour campaign (compared to the 15-hour campaign of the original Spider-Man). As long as they game comes at budget price like The Lost Legacy did, I’ve got no problem with a quicker campaign (Lost Legacy was great).

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It sounds like Miles Morales will largely reuse the open world from the previous game, but they’re promising new villains, set pieces, and quests, as well as an array of visual upgrades. Environmental assets have been updated, character models have new skin shading and more realistic hair, and yes, the puddles (and many other things) will now feature ray tracing. Of course, expect load times to be “near-instant” thanks to the PS5’s speedy SSD.

But what’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales actually about? Insomniac provided this brief story teaser:

Let’s set the scene for the game a little more. It’s now wintertime, about a year after the events of the first game. Marvel’s New York is covered in snow, and just before Christmas break, and a war between an energy corporation and a high-tech criminal army has broken out. Miles’s new home in Harlem is at the heart of the battle.

Oh, and don’t worry, Insomniac also assures fans that Peter Parker is still out there webslinging and preparing for his own return.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales swings onto PS5 this holiday season.