Phil Spencer: Platform Holders Not Limiting Studios Won’t Create Broken Experiences

May 23, 2017 07:31 EDT

Yesterday, we reported that Xbox's Mike Ybarra recently reiterated that Project Scorpio games won't be held back by the original Xbox One and that developers will have complete freedom in how to use the new console's additional power. Following Ybarra's statements, Xbox's head Phil Spencer further elaborated on the matter, reassuring players that there won't be any broken game experience.

On his official Twitter profile, Phil Spencer confirmed that framerate for Project Scorpio games will be determined by the developer, adding that fear that without any limitations studios will create broken experience is misguided.

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At the end, players will have to trust developers that they will try to build the bext experience for their players.

Project Scorpio was originally announced during last year's E3, but its final specs have only been revealed recently, and in a rather unusual way. This was done so that the reveal would feel more authentic, according to what Phil Spencer himself revealed in a recent interview.

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While the console's final design has yet to be revealed, we have managed to take a good look at the dev kit in the past few weeks. A recently shared video showcases the many uses of the front panel, which can be used for things other than keep track of performance.

Project Scorpio launches this year in all regions. Microsoft plans to reveal more about their upcoming console next month during the E3, so stay tuned for all the latest news about Project Scorpio.