Project Scorpio Games Won’t Be Held Back By Xbox One, Mike Ybarra Reiterates

Francesco De Meo
Project Scorpio

While the Project Scorpio final specs are finally known, there's still a lot we don't know about the upcoming console, including how much it will be limited by the original Xbox One's specs. Recently, Xbox's Mike Ybarra reiterated that the console will not be held back by the Xbox One.

Talking on Twitter, Mike Ybarra confirmed once again that developers will be able to choose freely how they want to use the power of Project Scorpio for their games, highlighting how they have no requirements limiting framerate.

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Answering a follower who noted that fps parity may be needed for multiplayer games, Mike Ybarra reiterated that it will be up to developers.

Among the many things we still don't know about Project Scorpio is the console's final design, but we have been able to take a good look at the console's dev kit, with a video from last week showcasing what it's possible to do with the dev kit's front panel.

Project Scorpio launches this year in all regions. More on the upcoming console will be coming close to E3 in around three weeks to stay tuned for all the latest news on the powerful new console from Microsoft.

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