Here’s How Much Data You Consume Whenever You Run a Network Speed Test


Ever wondered how much data you consume whenever you do a network speed test using the Speedtest app for iPhone, Android or Mac? Well, we'll answer your burning question today. And it's quite easy to find out.

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I'm pretty sure you've developed a habit of doing a network speed test whenever you are out and about. Because, of course, those MBs must flow at the fastest rate possible otherwise you won't be able to make that promised video call. But the thing is: your habit might be costing you quite a lot of data. In fact, a lot of it if you have a near Gigabit Internet connection at home with a specific download limit every month. So, in today's quick tip guide (if you may call that) we'll show you how much data you actually use up whenever you do a speed test using the official app.

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Note: If you haven't already, you can download the Speedtest app for free directly from the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android and Mac App Store for macOS.

1. Launch the Speedtest app and do a speed test like you normally would. Make sure you do it till the very end.

2. Once the speed test is completely, tap or click on the Results page.

3. Select the most recent speed test result.

4. Right next to the Download and Upload bars, you'll see the 'Data used' tidbit. Pretty slick, right?

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speed test

From here on in, be a little more considerate whenever you do a speed test otherwise you'll burn through your allowance like there's no tomorrow. Of course, this habit is absolutely fine as long as you have a truly unlimited connection at hand and don't mind draining your phone or tablet's battery at a rampant pace.