Sparkle To Showcase GTX680/670 Calibre With New Cooler At Computex

Sparkle, a manufacturer of graphics cards and PC hardware cooling solutions will today be showcasing tree new products at the Computex convention today jthat consists of a new D-cYclone cooling solution, and two new graphics cards namely the GTX 680 and GTX 670 Calibre Graphics cards.

This time, the Calibre editions will be packing a much more beefier cooler that looks straight off a copy of Gainward’s Phantom series cooling solutions with three fans encased inside the cooler and 6 heat pipes coming from the cooler GPU core and into the heatsink fins.

The new design is supposed to output less noise and cools better at low rpm as well.

For more details refer to the press release below.

2012 COMPUTEX will take place from 5th to 9th of June 2012. The world leading graphics card company Sparkle will introduce the latest technologies and products in COMPUTEX. Pay a visit at booth L1318 in 4th floor of TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, you will get the latest product update from Sparkle.
Sparkle D-cYclone Cooling Solution
Sparkle’s exclusive innovative technology, the Dragon Claw blade has a bigger coverage area than a conventional design, together with a 9cm fan structure that can quickly create a strong whirlwind to improve the heat dissipation performance. Moreover, Sparkle D-cYclone features a unique fan structure design that can easily being replacement with different cooling fans; the latest D-cYclone series packed with 3 fan modes inside, including high efficiency mode, Turbo mode and Silent mode, simply satisfying the different segments’ users, creating the best user experience.

Calibre GTX680 / GTX670 Graphics Card
The other brand of Sparkle, Calibre, introducing GTX680/GTX670 graphics cards. The cooling system adopts a design with 6 heat pipes, an one piece heat sink and 3 cooling fans. The design has a remarkable heat dissipation performance, and can extend the service life of the graphics card. The 3 built-in cooling fans have low RPM design that offers the strongest heat dissipating air flows while keeping the operation noise in the lowest level, creating an undisrupted gaming environment.

Sparkle will reveal the latest products and technologies in Computex. The users can experience the demo product in person to have a better understanding of Sparkle and experience the latest graphics card technologies.

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