Sony Ships 60 Million PlayStation 4 Units, Estimates To Reach 78 Million Next Year


The PlayStation 4 keeps selling hot cakes as Sony as announced that it has shipped 60 million units since the console launched.

Sony announced the sales as part of its most recent financial earnings report for the company’s fourth fiscal quarter, which ended on March 31.

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The PS4’s momentum doesn’t seem to slow down as 2.9 million PS4 consoles were shipped during the last three months, thereby shipping 600.000 units more than in the same period last year. During FY2016, Sony managed to ship 20 million PS4 units, up from 17.7 million consoles in FY2015.

During Sony's financial earnings call, Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida mentioned that the PS4 is in its "harvest phase", and that the PS4 Pro continues to "sell well".

“PS VR and PS4 Pro, which went on sale last fall, both continue to sell well, which demonstrates the achievements we made when launching new products in fiscal 16", Yoshida said.

“Three and a half years have passed since the launch of PS4, and we expect annual unit sales in fiscal 17 to decrease year-on-year to 18 million units, but some major software titles are scheduled to be launched, and we believe we are in the harvest phase of the platform", he added.

The PS4 has been on the market since November 2013, and demand for the console has been strong ever since. In the US, more than one million PS4 consoles were sold on launch-day. In contrast, the PlayStation 3 has managed to sell roughly 86 million up to December 2015 units since its launch back in November of 2006.