Sony’s Next-gen PS5 3D Audio is Taking Steps a Big as Graphics and is a Dream Come True, Composer and Dev Say


Following yesterday’s PS5 tech talk from lead architect Mark Cerny, a developer and game music composer have expressed to be severely impressed by the PS5’s 3D Audio technology.

As detailed by Cerny, Sony created the Tempest Engine as a custom processing resource in its upcoming next-gen console for 3D audio. This new engine will support hundreds of sound sources to make sound appear more realistic and immersive. Not only for high-end surround system, but for TV-speakers and headphones as well.

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3D Audio will be among the key-features of the PS5, and on Twitter, videogame composer Dale North has said that Sony’s new tech is simply audio magic and the steps that have been made on audio level are as big as on a graphical level. According to the composer, even with TV-speakers, people will surely notice the difference. "Sound and music will have points of origination that are continually tracked and adjusted, and even on TV speakers you’ll get some sense of that", he said.

"All of this has the power to draw you further into a game's world, further blurring the lines just as graphical advances have", North said in a previous tweet. "I'm just now getting to apply this power in my work (stay tuned) and it's very exciting & empowering. I can't wait to see (hear!) what the future holds."

Developer on musical VR title Synthesis Universe, Olivier JT, has also spoken highly of the PS5 3D Audio tech that Sony presented, saying that it is a dream come true. The developer event went as far as to say that audio might be even more important than visuals as humans are much more open to audio than visuals.

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Encouraging words for Sony's upcoming audio tech in the PS5. What are your thoughts on the Tempest Engine? Will it indeed be a system-seller for Sony? Hit the comments below.