Sony on Black Friday PS4 Sales: “We Sold More Consoles Than we Ever Have in our 23-year History”


Sony had its biggest Black Friday in PlayStation history and sold more consoles than they ever did.

That’s what ‎Sony PlayStation’s Senior Vice President & Head of PlayStation Network, Eric Lempel, said during an interview with CNBC. We’ve included the interview down below:

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"We had the biggest Black Friday in PlayStation history," the Sony executive said. "We sold more consoles than we ever have in our 23-year history, and [PlayStation] Plus is a natural addition to that purchase."

"Going into this generation, a lot of people were counting out the console business and saying it wasn't going to work out," Lempel added. "But as you can see, the PlayStation 4 business is thriving. Last month, Sony Corp. reported their earnings. Profits were up 346%; the majority of that was fueled by the PlayStation business. We're having a phenomenal year."

Sony discounted its PS4 Slim 1TB console to $199 USD, while the PS4 Pro sold for $349 USD. Deals also included PSVR bundles, which were sold with a $100 discount for $300 USD.

We’re still waiting for actual sales numbers for this Black Friday, but its an impressive feat for Sony without a doubt.

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Yesterday we reported on how Adobe reported that Nintendo’s Switch console was the best-selling product among major online retailers, and it will be interesting to see how Sony’s PS4 faired against Nintendo’s new platform.

The PlayStation 4 is available globally now.

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