Samsung CJG56, 27-inch, 144 Hz Freesync Curved Gaming Monitor on Sale For $260 US

Evan Federowicz

Samsung's CJG56 is on sale for $260 US, offering a 1440p resolution along with a 144 Hz refresh rate (AMD Freesync), making it a perfect monitor for any gaming set up. This 144 Hz monitor might be the perfect buy on Black Friday for a budget-minded gamer.

Samsung's CJG56 is a Curved, 144 Hz Freesync Monitor on sale for just $260!

Samsung's CJG56's 1440p resolution makes your games look amazing from any distance, and the WQHD offers up to 1.7 times more pixels than standard FHD (or Full HD). This resolution allows for a more immersive experience allowing for more of your view to be filled by your game, another way this monitor immerses you is by the 1800R curve to the screen, which helps make more of your peripheral view filled by the monitor. This resolution also creates a broader view allowing you to see your enemies before they see you.

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CJG56 currently has FreeSync enabled, meaning that when playing a game, there won't be any screen tearing, and the 4ms response time makes pixel ghosting a thing of the past. Along with FreeSync, the low-latency mode lowers the input lag between the mouse, keyboard, joystick, and the onscreen response, making for a smoother gaming experience.

The VA panel that this monitor is built around offers an industry-leading 3000:1 contrast ratio, making the colors very visible, and the panel makes traditionally horrible viewing angles have little to no color distortion.

The monitor's UI is specifically designed to be more game-like; the OSD dashboard menu gives you an overview of key settings; this UI design has also won the Good Design Award. Along with the UI design, this monitor's I/O has two separate HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, and one headphone jack. One HDMI port is rated for 1.4 specifications, and the other HDMI port being rated for 2.0. DisplayPort is rated for 1.2 specifications, which supports 4K resolution at 60 Hz, this port also allows for multi-stream transport (MST) to connect multiple displays from a single DisplayPort source.

The regular price of this monitor is $279.99, but with the 7% off discount, making the price for this fantastic monitor cost just $259.99. This price makes this monitor a tremendous deal and a perfect gift for any gamer-focused friend!

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