Some of the Best Examples of VR on PC That You Can Play Right Now, Virtual Reality Done Right


Virtual reality might not necessarily be fully realized as of yet, but it's certainly a technology that's here to stay. You might think it just a gimmick, but once you've had a chance to try it, you might think otherwise.

To help you decide whether VR really is the wave of the future or just another ploy to trick consumers into spending copious amounts of money, we've put together a compilation of what might be the best examples of a proper virtual reality experience that you can try out right now. Should you have access to a VR HMD, then you can see just how immersive the experience really can be.

The best examples of VR done right just might convince you of its utility.

Some of these examples make use of the VorpX 3rd party VR driver that lets you play games that otherwise don't have native VR support. It actually works very well and is quite the stable solution. The unfortunate thing is that it's a paid solution, but you do indeed get what you pay for. A lot of titles have been adapted, and many more are on the way. It's a surprisingly good solution to retroactively play older games in VR.