Sniper Elite V2 Free on Steam for a Limited Time, Grab it While you Can

Rizwan Anwer

Steam has been been feeling really generous lately, they have given Left 4 Dead 2 and Red Orchestra 2 for free (Albeit the latter is more limited than the former) but it seems that Steam is now giving away Sniper Elite V2 for free on steam and for a limited time at that. The game is only free for 24 hours so I highly recommend you grab the game right now.

sniper-elite-v2Sniper Elite V2 is a game that needs little to no introduction, many games have given us the opportunity to play the role of a sniper, but how many of those games give us a SOLE focus as a sniper and allow us to see what damage does our bullet REALLY do? Ever been curious to see just how painful it could be to see how large a hole can your sniper bullet make into an enemies skull as you make a headshot? or ever been curious to see what happens to the male genitalia when shot through with a precision shot? Sniper Elite 2 V2 is probably the only game on the steam store that will allow you to explore all of these shots and more in some stunning graphics and with the game being absolutely free, how can you turn down such an offer?


Since you are getting the game from free, this might just give you enough incentive to purchase and help the developer by buying some of the remarkable DLC they have to offer such as The Kill HItler DLC which I am sure is a fan favorite. While Sniper Elite V2 is probably the most realistic sniper simulator that is currently on the digital marketplace you can also set your sights on Sniper Elite V3 which is packed full of changes and sure to sweep you right off your feet if you thoroughly enjoyed Sniper Elite V2.

You can download Sniper Elite V2 by going Here, but to properly own the game you have to start the installation. Once you do, you can stop the download and the game will stay in your games list forever!

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