Sniper Elite 4 Story Trailer Brings the War to Italy


A soldier's work is never done. Rebellion showed off today a bit of the Italian campaign for Sniper Elite 4, coming early next year.

Karl Fairburne brings the fight to Italian fascism in his latest mission from the OSE. Karl needs to contact to the Italian Resistance while dealing with Black Brigade soldiers, Nazis and, even the Mafia. Mussolini’s power and influence over his people has been dwindling since the start of the war. It's going to be your job to make sure the regime falls once and for all.

Sniper Elite 4 follows the formula of its previous games: it's a stealth game that gives the player plenty of options of how to go about your mission. You always have the stealth approach to sneak your way up to a prime sniping position, or you can just go guns blazing. Searching enemy corpses can provide some intelligence for side-objectives that fill up the giant maps (much bigger than in past games).

Colin Harvey, Narrative Designer at Rebellion, explains how history inspired a lot of the story in Sniper Elite:

In fact, the real-life stories of World War II have always provided inspiration for the Sniper Elite series, from the nuclear science of the original, to V2 rockets and the imposing Ratte Tank in Sniper Elite 3. Sniper Elite 4 is similarly inspired by real-life stories. But because the scope and scale of Sniper Elite 4 is that much bigger, we’ve been able to deepen and expand Karl’s narrative and the stories of those he encounters. And Italy 1943 is the perfect place to do so.

Sniper Elite 4 launches February 14 on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Pre-ordering the game will give you access the Target: Fuhrer campaign mission and Camo Rifle Skins Pack for free. For more information, check out our preview of Sniper Elite 4.