Qualcomm Facing Some Serious Troubles with Snapdragon 810 Production – 2015 Flagships may See Delayed Release

Whoops! Apparently the now most looked forward to devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 may see a delayed release next year thanks to some issues in Qualcomm's development of latest Snadragon chipset. Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm is expected to power both these and other flagship devices of 2015. However, latest report indicates that due to some unfortunate reasons - one of which includes processing unit on 810 SoC experiencing heating issues leading to poor performance - Qualcomm is having some troubles with delivering units on time.

Snapdragon 810 will delay Galaxy S6 launch:

Reports coming out of Korea suggest that Qualcomm is facing some serious problems with its Snapdragon 810 unit. As aforementioned, the CPU gets overheated over certain voltage leading into serious performance drops. Another reason cited by Business Korea, from where this report is coming, is that Adreno 430 graphics unit is also being problematic due to an error in the drivers. Third issue that could delay flagships of 2016 launching in time is the RAM controller connected to the application processor is also creating some issues for Qualcomm.

Qualcomm's 64-bit beast is speculated to power a lot of high-end devices of 2015. However, Samsung does have the choice to go with its in-house Exynos processor which is arguably even more popular than Snapdragon. However, other OEMs lack this option.

There is still quite a few months before the launch of these devices nears essentially meaning that Qualcomm might be able to fix these issues and push the production faster than usual to meet the deadlines. Let's see if someone else confirms to this rumors of Qualcomm facing issues with the production of its beastly processing units. We will update you as we get any more confirmation or updates on this rather concerning issue for the fans who are waiting for next year's flagship devices.

Source: G4Games

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