Snapchat’s Latest Update Will Allow iOS Users to Add Moving Emojis Inside Videos as Well

Ahmed Bilal

Snapchat has been providing a lot of new features recently for its users and the team have now unveiled its latest update for iOS users earlier today. This update will allow users to overlay emojis on top of their video snaps which means that users will now be able to put on emojis that move with the video they are making. So for example if you want to put an angry face or a crying one on top of your video then all you need to do is record the clip, then click on the emoji button on the top right hand corner of your screen (it’s right next to the texting option).


Once you select your desired emoji from the selection panel of various emojis out there, you can simply drag it anywhere around the screen and also resize it according to your requirement by zooming in or out as desired. You will also be able to choose static ones or the emojis with slight animations which will be interacting with the onscreen objects. Although this update arrived a week earlier for Android users, it’s finally here for iOS users as well.


It is obvious that this is not really a “revolutionary” or an innovative idea that snapchat has come up with but these random rather sometimes useless iterations and revisions makes it worthwhile for the users to use snapchat and to retain their interest in a social media app which is subject to change from time to time just as individuals interests change from face book to twitter to instagram and now to snapchat.  This is a very unique strategy used by snapchat in a way that it attracts the users to come back to use snapchat again and again in order to try the latest features that the app is introducing over time.


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