Skyrim Increases Mod Size Limit in Steam

Skyrim is a game that continues to have some very incredibly community support. Like its predecessor, Skyrim has a plethora of mods that enhance the game visually as well as add a great deal to the gameplay itself.

Better Skyrim Mods

Steam Workshop will support mods for Skyrim that are larger than 100MB, the previous size limit.

It looks like Bethesda is a great supported of the modding community and is adding features to further increase the ability to modify the game, for better or worse.

This is great news as now all the great Skyrim mods available can be consolidated within Steam itself as well as having the size limit be virtually unlimited.

"Get ready for bigger mods on Steam’s Skyrim Workshop. This week we’ve pulled the restraining bolt that restricted mod sizes to 100 mb – allowing you to upload mod projects to the file size your project demands!"

Apparently the Steamworks integration update also means that they can be installed relatively seamlessly. Steamworks takes care of the entire process! It is, however, being beta tested before actually going life to the masses. But the steps below can get you in on that action too.

  • Log into Steam
  • Click on your game Library.
  • Right click on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and select Properties.
  • Click on the Betas tab, and from the drop down select beta – Skyrim Beta
  • Next from Library, access Tools from the drop down.
  • Right click on Creation Kit and select Properties.
  • Click on the Betas tab, and from the drop down select beta – Creation Kit Beta
  • Steam will now restart. After Steam restarts, Skyrim will be updated to the Beta version currently available.

This is great news for those that enjoy that kind of simplicity. I do remember the somewhat complicated (at the time, for me anyway) method of injecting and installing mods for Oblivion. 

Unfortunately I don’t have as much experience with Skyrim and its multitude of mods, so what are your favorite mods to use? Any suggestions to make the game better? Any that actually make it worse?

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