Xbox One Will Come With Six Months of Free Skype Calling Minutes

Rafia Shaikh

Xbox One that you can grab after November 22nd is intended do some pretty good stuff beside the usual playing video games. Among that good stuff included live TV, NFL fantasy league, video commands for everything and all the shebang. Many of these details were revealed during the press preview of this upcoming gaming console from Microsoft. MS is gradually revealing a lot more about its Xbox One. Among that very recent features is the free Skype.

Yep! As the video calling is free on Skype, $4.99 is typically charged per month for group video calling with multiple people. Now it would be free if (there always are IFs and BUTs!) you have an Xbox Live gold subscription. The company will be giving you six months of free Skype group video calling with an Xbox One console. This doesn't end here. Microsoft is also providing 100 worldwide minutes for free per month for six months. This way Xbox One users will be able to call landlines and mobile phone number in over 50 countries globally. skype for xbox one

Skype for Xbox One is built into the console making use of the bundled Kinect sensor with the support for 1090p video calling. Similar to Windows 8.1, MS is also sporting similar variety of notifications for Skype calls in to the Xbox One. That includes pop-up windows for messages too.

Among the list of features coming from the Skype for Xbox One also includes quite an impressive feature which enables Skype to use the Kinect camera to automatically track calls by zooming and panning around a room if the caller moves. Microsoft demonstrated this functionality with a live Skype call during a 12 minute Xbox One tour today.

Skype seems to be making a bigger portion of Microsoft's ambitious plans. MS is also offering same deal for Surface 2 buyers - efforts to sell MS services with its products.

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