SK hynix Starts Sampling Denser 24 Gb DDR5 DRAM Chips, Based on 1anm EUV Process & Enable 48 GB & 96 GB Capacities

Hassan Mujtaba
SK hynix Begins Sampling 24 Gb DDR5 DRAM Based on 1anm EUV Process Node

SK hynix has just announced that it has started sampling its 24 Gb DDR5 DRAM to partners which would allow up to 96 GB capacities, initially.

SK hynix Begins Sampling 24 Gb DDR5 DRAM Based on 1anm EUV Process Node

Press Release: SK hynix today announced that it has shipped samples of 24 Gigabit (Gb) DDR5* DRAM with the industry’s largest density for a single DRAM chip.

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  • DDR (Double Data Rate): A comprehensive standard specification defined by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) and applied to PCs, servers and other applications; currently includes 5 generations of DDR 1-2-3-4-5
  •  Currently, DDR DRAM offerings mostly come in the density of 8Gb or 16Gb, with the highest density of 16Gb

The announcement of SK hynix releasing the industry’s largest density DDR5 chip comes in just 14 months after the Company became the first to release DDR5 DRAM in October 2020, further solidifying the chipmaker’s technological leadership in DDR5.

The new 24Gb DDR5 was produced with the cutting-edge 1anm technology that utilizes the EUV process. It has a density of 24Gb per chip, which is up from the existing density of 16Gb in 1ynm DDR5, with improved production efficiency and increased speed by up to 33%.

In addition, SK hynix managed to reduce the product’s power consumption by 25% compared to existing products while lowering energy use in manufacturing through enhanced production efficiency. SK hynix expects the product to bring about a reduction in carbon emissions as well, which is meaningful in the context of ESG management.

The initial offerings on this product are set to be 48 Gigabyte (GB) and 96GB modules for supply to cloud data centers. It is also expected to power high-performance servers for big data processing such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as realizing Metaverse applications among others.

Kevin (Jongwon) Noh, President and Chief Marketing Officer at SK hynix, said, “In line with the release of 24Gb DDR5, SK hynix is closely engaging with a number of customers that provides cloud services. We will continue to strengthen our leadership in the growing DDR5 market by introducing advanced technologies and developing products with ESG-awareness.”

“Intel and SK Hynix have a long history of strong collaboration,” said Carolyn Duran, Vice President of Memory and IO Technologies in Intel’s Data Center and AI Group.  “Today’s announcement is another illustration of our two companies working together to deliver a 24Gb solution to address the needs of our mutual customers.  The 24Gb DDR5 offering provides high mono die capacity and will help customers boost the performance of memory capacity bound workloads such as data analytics while bringing significant TCO benefits.”

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