Siri Experiment Shows The Virtual Assistant Could Finally Be Coming To OS X


Apple's World Wide Developer Conference kicks of on Monday at the historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and there have been a lot of rumors surfacing for what it might have in store for users. While some things are expected, others just keep on building hype. This isn't such a bad deal at all for it accumulates enough suspense to make the event interesting. Nonetheless, today we have come to know that Siri incorporation in OS X, could be a real deal. As it seems, Siri has started to respond to some basic OS X navigation commands.

Siri Starts Recognizing Basic OS X Commands

Brian Roemmele conducted a Siri experiment in which the virtual assistant began recognizing and responding to basic OS X commands. For instance, at this very moment, if you ask Siri to "open settings in the window", it will give you a reply saying, "it doesn't look like you have an app named 'Finder.'" Siri's reference to 'Finder' indicates that it might make its way to Mac at this year's WWDC. You can check out Brian's experiment below.

Since iOS has no windows or Finder, it makes perfect sense that Siri is indeed referencing to OS X. With that said, it's definitely something to cross your fingers for and hope Apple does incorporate the virtual assistant in OS X. There have been previous leaks and rumors on the subject as well. We came to know of a Siri icon and how it would look like on a Mac.

Moreover, if we're expecting big, Siri itself will go through a major overhaul at this year's WWC event. It is presumed that the virtual assistant will gain third-party app integration. This in tern will make the virtual assistant more smarter and powerful.

It was Siri who first revealed when Apple might host its WWDC event. It revealed that the event would take place between June 13 to 17. If we're going to trust the virtual assistant again, it may have zero chances of being wrong this time as well.

On this year's WWDC event, Apple is also expected to release iOS 10, tvOS 2, watchOS 3 and the next version of OS X, which is soon to be renamed to macOS. Apart from this, it would be great if Apple threw in a couple of surprises for users. If you're interested, do stay tuned for our ongoing coverage of the event. This is it for now, folks. To what extent do you think Apple is integrating Siri in OS X? Would it might have an impact on an overall user experience? Share your views in the comments.