[UPDATE – Released] Silent Hill 4: The Room Has Been Rated for PC in Europe

Silent Hill 4: The Room

[Update] Silent Hill 4: The Room is now available for purchase on GOG. The game is priced at $9.99

[Original Story] Silent Hill 4: The Room may be releasing on PC very soon, judging from a recent rating.

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As reported by Gematsu, the fourth main entry in the popular survival-horror series has been recently rated for a PC release by PEGI. Considering how Konami just re-released Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on GOG last week, this rating is likely for a GOG release, and not for a remake or remaster.

Silent Hill 4: The Room has been originally released on PlayStation 2 years back. The game has become hard to come by in the past few years, with prices for a used copy being particularly high, so a PC release is definitely welcome, as it would mean being able to play the game without having to spend too much money.

  • Face giant mutant wasps and dogs as you navigate through horrific, alien dimensions
  • Terrifying and more powerful new zombies that can walk through walls and float through the air
  • A cast of mysterious new characters -- some of whom will try to block your way
  • Stranger creatures are waiting for you, as you unravel a horrible story

It has been some time since the release of a new Silent Hill game. It's rumored that a new entry in the series is in development by Sony Japan Studios, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

-It is developed by Sony Japan Studios & will be PS5 exclusive.
-Toyama is directing, Akira Yaomoka is composing, Masahiro Ito is doing art, various Siren/Gravity Rush devs & some others working on it.
-This has nothing to do with Kojima or Silent Hills, that probably is not happening.
-Sony is NOT buying IPs, that's bullshit.
-The game is NOT a remake, it is a soft reboot, made so it can be someone's first SH game.
-The game is playable & has a demo that will be shown around after reveal.
-The details of this are not murky, there should be no miscommunication.

Silent Hill 4: The Room has been rated for PC, and will release on a yet to be confirmed date.

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