Several Pixel 2 XLs Experiencing Wake-Up Lag After the June Security Update

Anil Ganti
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Before badmouthing Google, we have to give the company credit for rolling out monthly software updates like clockwork. However, as observed in the past, many of the security updates come with their own bugs, which have to be addressed in a subsequent update. It's like a game of whack-a-mole that seems to go on forever. Just this year, we've had everything from intermittent WiFi connectivity to a potentially dangerous overcharging bug caused by OTA updates. While it's good that you're on the latest Android security patch, is it really worth an upgrade, knowing that there's a chance that it might break something that was working perfectly fine?

This time around, several users are complaining that their Google Pixel 2 XLs experience a significant amount of lag after they wake their phone up. On pressing the power button when the phone is asleep, it takes an extra second or two for the device to wake up. Some users are even reporting lag while using the fingerprint sensor to wake their device up. According to the Google Product forums, here's a reliable way to reproduce the issue and check if you're affected.

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On Android 8.1.0 on a Pixel 2 XL (OPM4.171019.021.E1), go to the Home screen, then turn the screen off using the power button and immediately use the Fingerprint sensor to unlock the device (attempt should happen before AOD activate). You will note that it takes several seconds to unlock. This can be reproduced consistently on my device, immediately after rebooting as well as after the device has been running for several hours.

There are several complaints littered across Google's product forums and Reddit. I haven't experienced any lag on my own Pixel 2 XL so that it could be an issue specific to a certain group of users. Google is yet to acknowledge the problem officially. The issue persists even for users on the Android P developer preview, so we can rule out any discrepancy in the software.

News Source: Android Police

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