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Apple Pay Launched In UK – Guide to Set Up And All You Need To Know About


With great success on Apple Pay adoption through out the United States, its time for Apple to spread some money. Yes, a great news just came by: Apple Pay has been launched in the United Kingdom. Set your credentials straight because we're going to prepare you to use the service. Apple Pay has been regarded a replacement for your wallet as it tends to encourage payments through your iPhone 6/6 Plus or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay has indeed revolutionized the transaction system and people who have used the service are highly familiar with the idea. However, our goal is to let those people know who have an ample of question regarding the payment service. People in United Kingdom are familiar with how Apple Pay works but they have little idea of how to set it up. We're gonna cover all of this detail so buckle up.

Apple Pay Landed In United Kingdom - What you need to Know

Apple Pay is a transaction service intended to be without contact and replacing the physical means of money. Users will pay through their credit cards integrated within their iPhone and Apple Watch to purchase either physical goods and services through retail outlets or to purchase from applications inside their smartphones. The arrival of iOS 9 replaced the 'Passbook' with 'Wallet' that also features gift cards and other services and promotions provided by Apple.

Mechanics Of Operation

Ad hoc of the Apple Pay, the transactions will be done by putting your supported devices near the terminal. The terminal will proceed with the transaction when you confirm the purchases via finger print scanner on your device and Presto! Your transaction is made without any physical involvement of cash.

Set Up Apple Pay

Setting up an Apple Pay is not as challenging. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below and you're at it.

Step 1:

Update your device to the latest iOS firmware.

Step 2:

Open Passbook Application because this is where all the credit card details are stored. Passbook App will incarnate into 'Wallet' App in iOS 9 so the process will be pretty much similar.

Step 3:

Tap the ''+'' button above the banner where you will register your cards. If you already have a payment card registered and logged in then you will be asked to provide the CVV code. If you want to add more cards, the process is similar. That's it for setting your payment details to Apple Pay.

Which Banks?

Apple will accumulate as many banks as possible but for the time being, not all of the banks in UK are supported for Apple Pay. Some of the banks are partnering at the launch day while others will be coming soon. For now at the launch, banks like Lloys, MBNA, American Express, Nationwide, Royal Bank, NatWest, Santander, Scotland, Ulster Bank and some more are part of the Apple Pay program. Other banks will adopt the system as soon as possible.

What Brands?

This aspect of the payment is most important. Yes, not every single shop will be able to sign up for Apple Pay just yet but wherever you see a card reader for contact-less payments, know that its your place. Apart from this retail stores will also start putting Apple Pay logos for your assistance. So this isn't a matter of interest for many. Its a matter of time when Apple pay will be used on a wider scale.

Apple has partnered with a number of brands that accept Apple Pay as a source of transaction payments. Some leading brands have been partnered, brands like Lidl, M&S Simply Food, Boots, McDonalds, Costa, Subway, KFC, New Look, Starbucks, Nando's and a lot of others.

Apple has done an outstanding job in dispersion of its Apple Pay Program. Hopefully, the chain to launch the service will be available across the globe and that's when Apple will completely revolutionize the payment system. This is it for now folks. Let us know in the comments about your views regarding the United Kingdom Apple pay Launch.