Here’s How To Report Bugs In iOS 9 Beta

Ali Salman

Several beta versions and a public beta has been seeded to testers and developers for iOS 9 and hopefully Apple is getting hold of some serious feedback. The early and current versions of iOS 9 betas has some buttload of bugs and errors that need to be taken care of, after all iOS 9 has not been officially released. The purpose of these beta staged iOS 9 builds is to notify Apple of these bugs so they can ponder over it.

If you're a beta tester and you think the build has errors or bugs then it would be viable for the community to benefit from your feedback. Today, we are going to guide you in reporting bugs to Apple. This is the reason that on every iOS 9 beta form, a feedback app is included that makes it easier to report bugs.

Let Apple Know Of Any Bugs Sighted With Feedback Assistant App

Apple Feedback Assistant is installed on every users iOS device who is running a beta version of the forthcoming iOS version. Users can sign in from their Apple ID and report potential bugs in the handling system. This will enable Apple to overcome these bugs and make its ecosystem as friendly as possible. So let us teach us how you developer and tester folks can report bugs if you're new to it.

Step 1:

If you encounter a problem, take a screenshot of it. the purpose of this is to make it easier for Apple's Software Engineers to visualize where the problem is present. To take a screenshot, press and release the Power button and Home button simultaneously. It will be saved in the Screenshots Album in Photos App.

Step 2:

Now you need to launch the Feedback Assistant application and log in through your Apple ID if you're a first time user.

Step 3:

Once you have signed in, tap the Compose button located at the top right corner of the display and select Category according to your problems priority. Its up to you to fill the remaining fields but the more you fill, your issue gets precise.

Step 4:

Attach the screenshot of the problem that you took earlier [Step 1].

Step 5:

if you have fulfilled all your requirements for the problem, either save the feedback as draft or submit it.

That's to it folks. You have successfully submitted your feedback for a certain problem in iOS 9. Make sure you follow these steps. There are little chances that Apple Engineers will approach you back so don't wait up. This is it for now, let them know if you have any bugs sighted.

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