Select PlayStation 1 New PlayStation Plus Games Are Based on the PAL Version, Running at 50hz; Full List of Titles Confirmed

PlayStation Plus

Select PlayStation 1 titles available via the new PlayStation Plus service, which launched this week in Asian territories, are reportedly based on the PAL versions, running at 50hz.

As shown in a new video shared on Twitter by @the_marmolade, the new version of Ape Escape doesn't run as smoothly as the original NTSC version did. This is quite baffling, considering Asian territories never used the PAL standard.

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YouTube user andshrew shared another video that confirms how the new PlayStation Plus version of Ape Escape indeed runs at 50hz.

While not all classic PlayStation 1 titles available via the new subscription service are based on the PAL version, as games like Syphon Filter and Abe's Odyssey are based on the NTSC versions, this is still very disappointing, considering all Sony Japan Studios' games are reportedly based on the PAL versions.

In other news, following the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service in Asian territories, Sony shared the full list of titles available in the region. You can check it out on the official PlayStation website.

The new PlayStation Plus service will launch on June 13th in North and South America and on June 22nd in Europe. More information on the new service can be found on the Official PlayStation Blog.

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